Friday, January 26, 2007

On Voice & Style: Spec Faith Post Up

On the Matter of Voice & Style: Mortenson, Dekker...& You?

As the title suggests, I take a quick peek at two CBA authors of spec fic and see what their voice & style is like. I also offer an exercise to help you analyze the voice of your fave authors, and even your own. (If you're still not sure what your voice is, this will help.)

Here's a snippet where I take a look at Randy Mortenson and LANDON SNOW:

Short statements. Simple descriptions. A nice, optimistic cadence that keeps us from thinking anything truly vicious could possibly happen. A clear boy’s voice in a clean, straightforward style that sets a particular ambiance for an adventurous boy’s story. And yet, we've got a combination of boy and man narrator. The boy says gooey. The man behind the boy says "braced" and "noiselessly withdrew." Another author might have stayed utterly in a boy's voice: "He stayed real quiet, cause a slap or a snap or a tap-tap was coming! But the hand didn't make one sound and , just like that , it went away." That bit of adult stuck in the boy gives a sense of security—nothing really awful can happen cause a grown-up is here.

Boy's hand in man's protective grip voice; breathless and simple and optimistically clear style.

Drop by and do the exercises. Or just drop by. :)

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