Thursday, January 18, 2007

OK, I Relent to a Tagging: The Lists of Four

Despite the fact that I said early on that I hate being tagged, several wonderful folks have tagged me in the last year or so since Mirathon was born. I had a lot of fun with Camy's and Carmen's, so I'll give Shannon's a shot.

However, because I am impertinent, I will answer the tag my way by twisting the questions to suit me. Humor me.

Four Jobs I Wish I'd Had

1. Personal assistant to Neil Gaiman in the alternate universe where he's a Pentecostal holy roller and we get to pray up a wild storm before we set his weekly itinerary in order.
2. Tour guide in Florence in the Edwardian period, complete with cool hats and lacy dresses
3. Taste tester in the kitchen of the Valrhona chocolatiers
4. Librarian in the Library of Congress circa 2247

Four places I've Been On Vacation, Kinda-Sorta

1. King David's Jerusalem. Very hot and dusty, but lots of music
2. Arrakis. Also a hot and dry, but the food is well-spiced
3. Wonderland. I drank way too much tea and I think I grew a few inches.
4. Middle Earth. I gained 7 pounds in two weeks in the Shire.

Four places I've lived

1. Alternate Cuba, the one without Castro and where my teeth were strong enough to munch on sugar cane.
2. Atlantis: But I had a very nice opalescent tail back then and fetching gray-green hair.
3. The Megalopolis of MiamiLand: And it's still a pain in the keister to drive across town, only it takes two days now, not two hours.
4. New York. And it's even stranger than all of the above.

Four Favorite Foods

1. Rigelian cheese enchiladas. Nobody does spicy red enchilada sauce like those two-headed, six-armed chefs.
2. Pizza (any planet, any style), because the combination of bread with sauce and cheese is pan-universally delicious.
3. Cuban black bean soup. They will actually be serving this at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, rumor says.
4. Fatoush Salad. The mystery spice actually hails from the multi-dimensional herb garden of KleKlah the Unforgettable, master cook to the Lord of the Fifteenth dimension. Or maybe it came from Lebanon. I always get those confused.

Four Favorite TV Shows

1. Buffy the Hydra-Slayer
2. Angelus
3. Flying Insect that Glows in its Backside
4. Whatever next show Joss Whedon is gonna create, prolly, or Dharma and Gregorian Chants, or Monkfish. How can a girl just choose four?

Four Movies I Could Watch Until My Eyeballs Fall Out

1. Sense and Even More Sense (with Sensible Emma Thompson)
2. The Red Shoes of Doom (by Powell & Pressburger)
3. Forbidden Planetarium (because those x-rated constellations remind me I once had hormones that functioned properly)
4. Anything with Gerard Butler (in jeans or leather) or Colin Firth (in Regency or Victorian wear), because they must share joint ownership of some ancient amulet that makes it impossible for me to look away when they are onscreen...The Eye of AgaMammaMia!

Four Books (Non Bible/Only Fiction or Poetry) That I Could Read Until the Ink Is Absorbed Into My Flesh and I Inhale All the Molecules of Paper And Nothing Is Left But Air

1. Dune Because we all want to be as powerful as Paul and as loved as Chani and as adept as Jessica. And because, Bible verses aside, vengeance is fun.
2. Jane Eyre Because Mr. Rochester is annoyingly hot and a good conversationalist, and because the plain girl gets the guy. All plain girls love this novel.
3. Women Poets: From Antiquity to Now
4. The Shadow and the Star Because I fell in love with Samuel Gerard, in a strictly non-physical, on-the-page way. And cause he's got ninja skills in Victorian London. Whoo!

Four Places Online I Visit Every Day Even If I'm Dying of the Plague

1. Mirathon: Ahem. Well, I gotta see if there are comments!
2. Dragons, Knights & Angels
3. Bloglines: To see what my other fave blogs are up to
4. Tie: (where I love to browse and read reviews) and Google's main page. I use that search engine like nobody's business. Good thing they're free or I'd be broke.

Four Places I'd Rather Be As Long As My Hubby Comes With Me Or Forget That!

1. Tuscany region and Florence. Oh. Oh. Oh.
2. Venice. Only if I have a ton of money and can stay in a really fabulous palazzo.
3. The Ahwahnee Lodge. I've always wanted to have a nice vacation there.
4. Various bits of Britain, including the Lake Country (and read some Wordsworth there), Bath (cause I loved Persuasion, Iona and Canterbury and Lindisfarne (for religious pilgrimages, and the fine sites of London (literary and artistic), and Edinburgh-so I can hear me some Scottish accent, baby!)

Four People I Tag Despite The Fact It Might Annoy Them

1. Josh
2. Carmen
3. Bonnie
4. Heather


chrisd said...

I LOVE both the movie, but especially the book Persuasion. That's my favorite Austen book.

Hope you're doing well!

Camy Tang said...

You gave me a good laugh today. And I love Persuasion too.

Carmen Andres said...

you will be a hard one to follow on this one, but i'll try :)

nissa annakindt said...

If they serve Cuban black bean soup at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, can we order out Chinese?

Josh said...

Oy. Well, I'll look on the bright side. Answering the questions means one day less I have to deeply ponder what meaningful discussion I will use to post on the blog. Heheh. Let's see how long it actually takes me to get that up though. Are there tag-backs allowed? (evil grin)

Mirtika said...

Thanks, y'all. Glad to summon a chuckle.

Nissa, I think Jesus would love some good moo shu and steamed dumplings with dipping sauce.

Josh, tagback? Oh, yeah, sure. If you have a death wish. ; )


Rebecca said...

JE is one of my fave books too. Too bad none of the movie versions have hit it quite square.

Don't you get email notification with comments? Or isn't that the *real* reason you check in on yourself so often? ;-)

Shannon said...

BAAAAhahahahaha! Only you, Mir, only you ... "the secret amulet of AgaMammaMia" indeed!

Sorry I was so slow in finding this ... I had to scroll down quite a bit ... girl, you have too much time on your hands!!! Come to my house and read to my littles .... :-P

Josh said...

Actually went through with this and had a bit of fun doing it. Thanks for sending it my way.