Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nissa's Code for the CSFF Blog Tour Blogroll

Nissa has created a code to imbed the CSFF Blog Tour participants in your sidebar. I am not sure how to do it. Has anyone done it on Beta Blogger. Give me a clue.

Here's the link to the post with the code.

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nissa annakindt said...

I use Blogger Beta AKA the new Blogger and that makes it real easy. Go to Dashboard, click Layout. At the top of your sidebar there is a thing you click to add a new page element. Click that and choose the HTML one, cut and paste the code in and it should work. Except a lot of the time Blogger Beta is having problems and the new page element thing doesn't show up, in which case come back later.

I will be adding detailed instructions on the blog post today. Maybe. Unless an emergency comes up like more congressdudes saying unkind things about Klingons that I just must blog about....