Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year & New Giveaways:
Take Note of Contest Limitations!

Since I belong to two blog tours that often have book giveaways, and since I have myself paid out-of-pocket to give away books and prizes (and ship them), I wanted to make sure you all are aware that I posted a blog policy on my sidebar back in mid-December 2006.

(See the sidebar right under "progress on novel")

I should have posted that a year ago. I had intended to, and I forgot. My bad.

Why? I remember Brenda Coulter posting a similar limitation at her blog in a post, which sure got some folks MAD. Yeesh. But I remember thinking: Yeah, I better make some kind of policy about that, a pre-emptive strike to protect the Mir's budget.

But I didn't.

So, when I had a giveaway with a winner from outside the US, I made sure it was posted for future such events. (And yes, I have mailed that prize.)

Please, please know it's not that I don't like y'all. It's just that shipping is really costly for overseas. I mean, the shipping on my last giveaway was MORE than the cost of the novel itself. Ouch. If I had sent it to a US address, it would have been free (or pretty cheap) for me to do so.

So, yeah. I'm happy to visit blogs of great folks overseas, and I'm delighted to have overseas (or Canuck or Mexican) folks drop by. (Y'all aren't technically "overseas", just "over border"). But I'm not willing to pay the extra shipping costs. Sorry. And I don't mind if my Brit or Canuck or Dutch pals have contests that *I* am excluded from due to postage/custom charges. I understand.

And I hope you understand why I gotta tighten the blog purse-strings.

Let me recapitulate: I will only send prizes to mailing/shipping addresses in the US/to residents of the US of A. If you enter and are not a US resident, and you happen to be selected cause you ignored this notice, then your prize-winning status will be voided and another winner chosen. I will abide by the notice in my sidebar.

Duty done.

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