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Nebula Preliminary Ballot at

The full list is at 2006 Preliminary Nebula Award Ballot.

Here are the nominated novels and short stories:


From the Files of the Time Rangers - Richard Bowes (Golden Gryphon Press, Sep05)
Crystal Rain - Tobias Buckell (Tor, Feb06)
The Girl in the Glass - Jeffrey Ford (Dark Alley, Aug05)
The Privilege of the Sword - Ellen Kushner (Bantam Spectra, Jul06)
Counting Heads - David Marusek (Tor, Oct05)
To Crush the Moon - Wil McCarthy (Bantam Spectra, May05)
Seeker - Jack McDevitt (Ace, Nov05)
A Princess of Roumania - Paul Park (Tor, Aug05)
Remains - Mark W Tiedemann (BenBella Books, Jul05)
*Spin - Robert Charles Wilson (Tor, Mar05)

Short Stories:
"Helen Remembers the Stork Club" - Esther M. Friesner (F&SF, Nov05)
"Pip and the Fairies" - Theodora Goss (Strange Horizons, 3 Oct05)
"Echo" - Elizabeth Hand (F&SF, Oct/Nov05)
"Mahmoud's Wives" - Janis Ian (Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly #1, WS & LWE, Ed., Sum06)
"Henry James, This One's For You" - Jack McDevitt (Subterranean #2, Nov05)
"The Woman in Schrodinger's Wave Equations" - Eugene Mirabelli (F&SF, Aug05)
"Anyway" - M. Rickert (SCI FICTION, 23 Aug05)

I have no kept up at all with my reading in ANY genre, so I need to check out some reviews to see which of these I wish to acquire.

If you've read any of the nominees, why not comment on whether you think it's worthy to be on the list, and which you prefer to win. I thought Theodora Goss' story was very good. I thought SPIN was brilliant and deserved its Hugo Award win.

Comment away. Discuss.

*I reviewed SPIN recently on this blog, DKA, and on

Fun Link Notice: A cool idea + an SF award + a geek babe + a Japanese poetic form = Nebula Winners in Haiku. She covers 1965 though 2004. You gotta click "more, more, more" to see the list expand. Oh-so-nifty. Here's a taste:

1965 - Dune
Don’t drink the water
You find on desert planets
It will make you God.

1966 - Babel-17
Words describe language;
Language is a weapon - so
Will this book kill me?

Bad News Note: I drank the water in an old water bottle I found next to my section of the sofa (if you're married, you know what I mean about "my section"). I think this was really stupid. I was thinking it was from, you know, a day or two ago. Now that I've found another bottle nearby, I'm thinking it was more than a week old. If my queasy tummy is any indicator...even more. Am I an idiot or what? Anyway, if I'm scarce it's cause I'm nauseous.

Or it was the bag spinach I had with breakfast. (Didn't they clean up that contamination thing? Urp.)

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