Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Fantasy Art Painting Commission:
Sara Butcher's "Warrior's Guardian"


Today, I got a look at my finished painting as created by Sara Butcher of Dreamflier Studios. I have to say, I'm hyperventilating. I'm bouncing. I'm squeeeeeeing.

Sara Butcher is a FANTASY ART ANGEL!

Look at this amazing watercolor. Look at MY angel!!!

Isn't she just exquisite? Glowy and graceful and the details on the clothing and wings. Oh, man. It's so beautiful I feel like *I* could fly.

Here's a detail of the face/hand/dragon section:

And here's a detail of the little knight, bowing to the angel:

The idea for the painting was mine, but the refinement of the idea and the compositional delights and the evident talent are all Sara's.

She added the trinitarian motif (inherent in a painting with a Dragon, Knight, & Angel). See the three doves? The three large circles around the main figures? The three roses in the foliage? The three blooms in her hair? See the triangle formed by the detail in her wristlet? See the repetitions of triangulations?

Isn't that thrilling?

Oh. I'm so, so pleased.

Sara. You rule. God bless all your work. I hope you get many commissions from folks seeing your lovely work for me. (I know you already got one commission from the email I sent to my "Sirens" loop, and you did a magnificent job with that one, "Warrior's Protector.")

I could not have imagined the ultimate luminous beauty of the finished work from the preliminary sketch I got last year:

I hope all of you Mirathon visitors and regulars got a measure of artsy pleasure from my "Warrior's Guardian."

You know, I'm 10 years overdue in redoing my office area. (It's seriously skanky. The carpet is like 35 years old and nasty, the walls need to have the tacky silver wallpaper of a bygone era removed.) Now, I want to find wall colors and flooring that complement my painting. Peaceful and welcoming and glowy like that.

My best Christmas present ever! (Smoochies galore to hubby.)

I know already what I want for next Christmas. Can we say, commission number two?

Oh, and if you or someone you love was born in the month of MAY, consider this print by Sara, now on auction at eBay.

Or just go to her studio and browse and buy and support fabulous Christian SF art.

Go on. Tell me how much you ADORE my new piece of fantasy art. Gush away.


Josh said...

I'm the first to get to gush? Woohoo

This is quite a gorgeous work of art. I didn't realize how detailed it was until you did the closeups, but I love the scene itself and could see that coming straight out of a great story...or inspiring one.


Camy Tang said...

Holy smokes that's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirtika said...

Thank you for enjoying my 'baby'. I really am disgusting happy with her. :)


UKSteve said...

I'll have to look again when I can get rid of the Ren & Stimpy flashback you've given me. :o