Saturday, January 20, 2007

Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn

Bob, who is mid-book two, posts his thoughts on reading fantasy, and notably on reading Williams' MEMORY, SORROW, AND THORN books.

This is a series I have often been tempted by, and yet I've always overcome the temptation. Sort of like G.R.R. Martin's bestselling series. (Which Bob also comments on in that post.) I am curious, but I resist.


Cause I hate epics. In general. Mostly.

No, really. When I see multi-volumes of unwieldy lengths, I walk on by. :::::cue Dionne Warwick::::::

I have to really, really, really want to read a story that goes on for more than one book. Really, really.

Even when I was almost exclusively a romance/WF reader, I stayed away from sagas. I wanted something I could read in one sitting, preferably in a few hours. Then I pretty much wanted it over and concluded and done. I didn't mind related novels (as long as they weren't actually sequels, just shared some characters.)

This is why I'll never read Robert Jordan's opus. Well, maybe I ought to never say never. If I'm laid up in bed for months, I might give it a go, the way I gave the Thomas Covenant books a go way back when--and got as a gift from hubby the final novel in the series when I was laid low with a flare-up of TMJ that left my equilibrium so off I couldn't walk. Or how I gave LOTR a go when I was flat on my back for a spell. The way I asked my hubby to go get me the complete, so-far published Harry Potter novels four years ago when I was in the midst of a terrible, lengthy bout of bronchitis and wanted something to totally immerse myself in. And it was definitely therapeutically distracting.

Yeah, never say never. Just say...unlikely.

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