Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Interview with Newly Contracted
Zondervan Author Michael Snyder

Brandilyn Collins is interviewing Michael Snyder on her blog. M's just signed a two-book contract with Zondervan. Hurrah.

Here's a snippet from part one of the interview:

4. What things did you do that most helped lead you to publication?
In order of importance…


-Studied craft but refused to get all hung up on the rules. If you break them, do it with attitude.

-Read some more.

-Wrote every day, or close to it.

-Tried to spend twice as much time reading as writing. (Be a nerd! Read in line at the DMV, at stoplights, in parking lots, while your dog is making wee-wee, during boring conversations with family members you’re not all that fond of.)

-Attended at least one conference per year. Tried to remember to put people ahead of my conference goals. Publishing is a business, but if you listen you can hear its heart beating.

-Explored the world of critique groups. My critters are simply the best. And no, I’m not sharing.

-Wrote, read, wrote, read, wrote, read, ad nauseum.

-And somewhere in there I screwed up the courage to submit stuff.

Drop by Michael's blog, Gritty and Bright, or catch him at the Master's Artist team blog, where he posted on his good news.

And M, glad you're better from the appendix going boom. Congrats!

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