Sunday, January 07, 2007

How's That Food Thing, You Ask?
Diet-To-Go & The Mir Update

Okay, so far, the food has been very nice on my vegetarian Diet-To-Go plan.

1. The chili had a home-made fresh taste with lots of chunky veggies. The cornbread was moist and had a nice jalapeno kick. I dumped the part-skim mozzarella and sour cream into the chili and mooshed it all up. I added some garlic powder and hot sauce (Rickey's of Hollywood) and I chowed down heartily. Yum.

2. The egg-white omelette pomodoro with asparagus tips was very well done. The omelette was a good size, not dry, not runny. The pomodoro sauce added the herbally taste that bland egg whites need, and the minced veggies in the sauce were flavorful. The asparagus tips were delicious, if slightly overdone. (And that might have been my doing. I nuked a bit longer than directions.)

I added a cup of fresh papaya & soymilk smoothie (mmmmm) and more fresh fruit (MmmMMm). I dont' feel like I've had a breakfast without fruit!

3. The "Mirkin burger" was something new to me. It wasn't at all bad. Had a bit of sweetness in the veggie-legume mix. I did swap out the white kaiser roll (I'm just not big on white rolls) and substituted two slices of sesame Ezekiel bread. I'm guessing the calories were similar, but the Ezekiel break has protein, 3 grams of fiber per slice, and it has that lovely texture when toasted. Mouth gets busy!

I also added a slice of low-fat Swiss cheese, cause I like having my calcium by way of dairy (more so than supplements). The barbecue sauce packet (Heinz) really did add to the "burger." I'm normally not a barbecue sauce gal (unless it's on ribs, especially Tony Roma's sauce), but the flavor blended well with the patty.

As to the sides: White Bean Salad: ho-hum. Too strong a green pepper taste that overwhelmed the mild white beans. And the sauce was bland. I picked out the beans and ate them (I love legumes!) Fruit Cup: Fine except for 3 or 4 soggy grapes. I pulled them out and discarded, ate the slice of nectarines and few balls of cantaloupe and honeydew.

4. Mushroom ravioli with ratatouille with a side of brussel sprouts. YUUMMMMMMMMM! I love this ravioli. The pasta was still firm, and that surprised me, cause with stuff you have to reheat, keeping pasta a good firmness can be tricky. The ratatouille was redolent with herbs and I liked it. That's saying a lot. I'm not a huge ratatouille fan, cause I don't much like the particular herb blends usually used. The brussel sprouts were surprisingly nice. I normally run away from b. sprouts. I tried cooking them once and they were horribly bitter. I tried it in a couple of restaurants...and big yuck. These: I ate them all. Nice, firm and the natural bitterness was slight, so it was more like cabbage (which I love).

Today, breakfast is set to be a plain bagel with some light cream cheese and oj. Well, I might leave that bagel to hubby and have Ezekiel or oat bran bread with some fat-free or low-fat cheese. I just don't dig those white, plain bagels. When I eat bagels, I prefer multi-grain, oat bran, sesame pumpernickel, or if I eat white flour, then I want it with "everything"--the onion/garlic/poppyseed/sesame combo of toppings.

I'll also squeeze my own tangerine juice (I don't like packaged oj) and leave the oj for my hubby to take to work. He likes sipping juice in the car on the drive to work.

I had originally planned to order only the Lunch/Dinner plan (I like fixing my own bkfsts as it kills time while my Levothyroxine kicks in), but if that omelette is anything to go by, I could consider swapping out the muffin/bagels for omelettes. Or, yeah, do my own.

So far, so good. The 1600 cals does leave me peckish. I'm a gal used to eating more than twice that, so it's an adjustment, I guess. But I can say that the flavors have been pleasant and the textures good.

Lunch and Dinner today, Day 2 of Week 2:

L: Southwestern Sandwich
on a Multi-Grain Roll,
Salsa, Apple

Edited to add: Very nice sandwich. Multi-grain roll was good, and should be what the DTG folks should use in the Mirkin Burger lunch, instead of that pasty white kaiser roll. The patty smelled and tasted like grilled chicken, but is made of black beans. Weird, but nice. Salsa was mild (the way I like salsa), and not the soupy stuff in jars that I loathe. Had half a red grapefruit instead of the apple. I don't much care for raw apples.

D: Tuscan Soy over
Veggie Cous Cous,
Asparagus Parmesan

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Camy Tang said...

Yum that sounds pretty good! I think your substitutions and stuff are good, too.