Monday, January 29, 2007

Help for World Builders (of the SF kind)

If you're in the midst of worldbuilding, you might wanna drop by Josh's place. He's posted on the subject, and included a good link to Patricia Wrede's Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions, with the promise to toss up more links in future.

I'll take the relay baton, and offer this:

Holly Lisle Responds to Questions About Worldbuilding

And if you want to see some SF masters go at community worldbuilding in a rather intriguing project:

Medea: Harlan's World

I still have my dusty copy that I bought 22 years ago somewhere round here...

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Josh said...

Thanks for the wave, Mir. I too love Holly Lisle's worldbuilding resources. She's one of the authors who originally turned me on to map-making for stories, among other fun techniques. And that book looks nifty, to say the least. My reading list keeps getting longer.