Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Heads-Up To Short Story Writers of CSF: DKA' s Second Annual Fiction Contest

While we are only in the preliminary discussion state of the contest's particulars, I wanted to get this out now to give y'all plenty of time to think up a great idea and submit.

DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS will be holding a second annual fiction contest. Last year, it opened on February 20th with a deadline of April 30th. Those dates will likely be similar (if not exact) this year. If anything changes, it might be a shorter submission period. So, think in terms of submitting in March, to be safe.

We have no theme yet. We have no set prizes yet. However, we will have larger prizes than last year (possibly double or more for first prize, at least double for the others). There might be a minimal entry fee this year for fundraising purposes. I'm guessing most likely $5.00. Maybe a wee bit more.

So, if you like writing Christian fantasy and science fiction stories of short length (I'm gonna recommend a word limit, probably in the 3500 range, maybe even 3000), then start warming up your cerebral areas.

If you want to see who won last year (and read the stories) go HERE.

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