Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Dresden Files: Review in A Second



Josh said...

After watching the episode myself and seeing the volleys of flaming skulls and monkey poo being hurled back and forth between the naysayers and the loyal fans over on Jim Butcher's forum, I'd say this--a lot of people came to the show expecting it to be exactly like the books, and are disappointed that it's not. They're going to be disappointed, methinks, no matter what the series ends up like. Are the books better than the show (being all of one episode so far?) Oh, yesh.

As for the show in and of itself, yea, it's a mediocre beginning. We'll just have to wait and see if it gets better as it goes. In the mean time, I just finished Proven Guilty, and can't wait for the next in the series to come out in April. No lost faith in the books, and fledgling hope for the series.

Either way, I'll at least give Jim congratulations for getting so much recognition for his work.

Mirtika said...

I think I may try Butcher. I went into the show a total tabula rasa as far as Dresden was concerned. I'm judging it mediocre (or worse) based on just that first episode.

I will watch it again. I always hope a show gets better. :)

But the ads gots me revved and it was a letdown. Terrible casting for some parts (though I love the sidekick's Tim Curryish accent), the Ravens, which is a wonderful concept, was so poorly executed visually that it looked like junior high school play's special effects. The cop chick is just eye candy. No zing, nothing special about her AT ALL, and she should have popped out at us with something right off as a continuing character.

I guess I think of shows like Monk or Psych or Buffy or (insert good show) where people's distinctiveness starts to show right off, and this one felt just so...BLAH.

The Skinwalker is a cool concept, but the actress and how it was directed...egads, they made her positively dull.

And how lame is it that they show that doom box in the opening, so..."Oh, yeah, that's how he's gonna save the day." I mean, a tad bit of subtlety? All they had to do was not tell us everything up front about the dang box, just let us see the image of it floating there and maybe some offhand comment. No. "Here's this weapon thingie. Oh, look at the nice weapon thingie." Argh.


Josh said...

You haven't read any of the actual series? Yowza. Definetely don't judge it by this first episode. (Actually, there is a rumor going around that, for whatever reason, Birds of a Feather wasn't the originally intended pilot, and it's some filler episode they decided to air out of order...dunno). Anyways, the series is incredibly good, by my measure. Not a dull moment, great characters,snarky dialogue, etc.

Carmen Andres said...

rofl! that's one of the best reviews i've seen in quite some time. heh.

SolShine7 said...

I wanted to catch that show, but it doesn't seem like anything golden to me. The best SF shows on TV by far are Smallville and Heroes. I heard Battlestar Galatica is good, but I haven't caught any of those yet. I'm waiting until I can watch the pilot episode on DVD to see if it's something I want to get into. Is it like Star Trek? If so, I'll pass. The Borgs are the only redeeming part of that series, that and Captain Piccard.