Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Diet-To-Go Update: There's Less of Mir

The Mexican burritos. Eh. Liked the beans. Added my own chopped tomato and a bit of avocado (for heart health).

Hated that it's not a nice sprouted whole wheat tortilla. Why give a pasty tortilla when so many fine, organic or at least whole grain options are available that taste hugely better than the plain white crappola?

If you've never tried Alvarado St Bakery's sprouted wheat tortillas, run to Whole Foods! These babies make killer quesadillas in a non-stick pan. Just spritz with Pam, put that tortilla in there, heat one side, flip, add your fillings (I like Kraft's Mexican Blend 2% Fat Cheese and mushrooms, onions, sliced chilis, and green peppers), fold, and let it get nice and toasty brown and crunchilicious.

The muffins. They're okay. A tad too sweet for me. More like a dessert. I like my breakfasts hot and savory, not cold and sweet, or even warm and sweet. When my hubby gets pancakes at IHOP, I'm getting the veggie omelette with cheese (or the country omelette sans sour cream and plus more veggies).

Bagel? Feh. Hate plain white bagels. How boring is that?

So, if you decide to try DIET-TO-GO, I recommend you get the Lunch/Dinner option and fix your own breakfasts OR substitute egg breakfasts if you're an ovaphile, as their omelettes are nice.

Personal Revelation: *I* could eat eggs every day. I remember sitting at the table with my dad having fried eggs on top of steaming white rice. We used to love that. And I still love fried eggs with plantains or fried yuca. And fried eggs on top of red bean congri or some fresh mashed potatoes. Mmmm. I was born under an egg-shaped star.

I began the plan the evening of January 5 (ie Friday). I added about 400 calories a day of my own food (fruits, nuts, soy milk smoothies, chocolate, & Edy's Tangerine bars for dessert treats. (Trust me. These last are so good they should be 4x the calories! Amazing. Must try! My husband is hooked on the lime ones, but I say TANGERINE'S A DREAM!!!!!) And hubby and I ate out Sunday cause we were doing errands. (I ate about 2 oz of the lean part of the pork chop--gave the rest to hubby--and then pigged out on black-eyed peas, steamed broccoli, broccoli-rice au gratin, and a piece of butter-smothered garlic bread (bad Mir).

Weigh in today: Down 3.5 pounds in four days (ie since Friday).

Imagine if I'd stuck strictly to plan. Dang.

There you go. So far, so good. (Although I plan to delete breakfasts and make my own. I'm just not a sugary-muffin/white-bagel/pasty-scone kind of gal. Although the vanilla yogurt--organic, Stonyfield Farm--is a discovery. I remember trying some Stonyfield flavor and hating it, so never bought it again. Love the vanilla!


SolShine7 said...

Whole Foods...yum. Mexican burritos vegetarian style...double yum!

I created a blog to satisty my enjoyment for food. It's called *Sweet Veggie* I just started it this year so there's only one post but the best is yet to come. Maybe we can swap recipes or something.

So please head over to http://sweetveggie.blogspot.com if you can...

Camy Tang said...

Congrats on the lost poundage! I love eggs too, but my cholesterol doesn't. But man, fried eggs over rice is wonderful.

Mirtika said...

Hi, SolShine. Nice to see you around here! :)

Camy, that's one of my comfort foods. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.