Friday, January 26, 2007

CSF Writer as Caleb: In The Face of Giants

If you're a Christian writer in a 'tough' genre, visit Becky Miller, who has a couple of posts that may end up giving you a bit of encouragement:

So here’s the thing. Caleb … Joshua, too … recognized there were giants in the land. They weren’t pie-in-the-sky pretending the giants didn’t exist. But their eyes weren’t locked on the giants. Their jaws weren’t permanently fixed in the open position as their gaze traveled up and up and up.

They saw beyond the giants to God who promised to give them the land.

No, I do not have a promise from God that I will be published. I do have a promise that His working in my life will be for my good. And in His promise I will trust.

"In the Face of Giants" in two parts. So far...

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