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Christian SF & F Blog Tour, Day Three:
THE FINAL STORM by Wayne T. Batson

Here we are. The last day of the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour for January 2007. I'll focus on the last book of THE DOOR WITHIN trilogy today, THE FINAL STORM by Wayne Thomas Batson.

As often happens (though not always, think Children of Dune), the final novel of the three seems to be the strongest, or so the reviews lead one to opine who, like me, hasn't yet read the books.

Kevin Lucia, one of our tourmates, had this to say:
The final installment in the trilogy is much like Matrix: Revolutions, with the storyline splitting into equal parts as the war within The Realm spills over into the real world in very tangible ways, and this heightens the peril, as not only The Realm stands at risk, but all reality as well. Baston ends the series well, but not without fulfilling plot twists and teaser elements laid through the first two novels.

The Final Storm’s greatest strength lies with its ties to real world elements, and though the other stories really lack nothing, after reading the final installment, I would’ve liked to see stronger crossover elements between the two worlds. However, thanks to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, we are now living in a “prequel” world, so it’s very conceivable that Baston could look back and revisit The Realm to tell another tale: perhaps Grampin’s first trip to The Realm?

For a classic fantasy truly worthy of the title Christian Epic, pick up The Door Within trilogy today.

Rob Bedford also reviewed the third novel at SFFWorld, and concluded with this:

Again, it is difficult not to compare this trilogy to C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books, because of the Christian motifs in the fantasy setting. This is especially evident with the prophecy of the Three in The Final Storm and how it parallels the similar prophecy about Pevensie children in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In Batson’s story it worked as an effective homage.

Despite the somewhat predictable elements of The Final Storm, and indeed the entire trilogy, this is still a recommendable saga for the Young Adult Market. Devout Christians can no doubt find the faith based aspects of the novel to ring true with their own beliefs, while others can enjoy these books for what they are on the surface – adventurous entertaining fantasy novels, where friendship is paramount and magic provides a backdrop. It was also nice to see Batson grow as a writer and storyteller through each of the books.

So, as we close this edition of the CSFF Blog Tour, I encourage all of you with young folks at home who enjoy fantasy to get this trilogy. All three novels are available from Christian Book dot Com and from, and you may even find them at your local FAMILY STORE or other Christian bookstore, or neighborhood B&N or Borders. The quality of the book's production makes it a great gift--something, by most accounts, quite beautiful and entertaining and faithful to Biblical truth:

The Door Within
Rise of the Wyrm Lord
The Final Storm

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