Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Aw, Holiday Gone Bye-Bye And Miscellaneous

Hubby is back at work today. ::grumble:::

We had our last holiday hurrah yesterday. Slept late. Had lunch at the Gourmet Diner. (French onion soup to die for!) Went to Office Depot to get my desk blotter calendar for my living room desk and my weekly planner for my computer desk. Did groceries, cause, yeah, once again I'm resolving to lose some weight in 2007.


I've got gluttony issues.

Expect weight loss posts to come.

It was lovely having the hubster underfoot. Afternoon naps are delightful when you have the love of your life breathing soundly beside you. Niiiiiice.

So, I've been neglecting Mirathon. And may be a little less active this month as I have started and am organizing a group of ACFW-ers who plan to enter the Genesis Contest SF/F category in 2007. The group's goal? Mutual support and critique feedback. I'd like our genre to do very well.

That means, of course, I won't be judging in SF/F. Pity. I'd like to judge in my fave genre, but critiquing entries disqualifies me from doing that.

Expect writing posts to come.

On the totally shallow, vain front: My hairdresser, Jeannie, has been having awful back pain for a while, years, but it's gotten frighteningly worse in the last few months. Cripplingly worse. As a result, she's on an indefinite hiatus. She called the day before New Year's Eve (when I was due for a haircut), and explained her surgical plans for 2007. So, here I am, a grungy-hair mess of a Mir. Hubby, who is snipped every couple months by Miz Jeannie, is also looking moptoppy.

I'm hoping and praying that the surgeon will be able to use this new technique using lasers (as opposed to rods and what-not) to fix her multiple spinal issues. She's suffered enough with health woes, poor thing. If you can spare some prayer, please pray for Jeannie, and ask God to remove her pain and restore her spine to health (and to lead her to the right medics!)

I've slacked off on prayer these past couple months, and that's very, very, very bad. (Clarification: I do pray daily. I just haven't prayed with the sort of diligence and fervency that is best.) Jonathan Edwards gets pretty harsh on the matter of neglecting prayer.

It's also mighty stooooopid of me to be slack, considering that we've got an appeal in with my hubby's employer (long story, bit of a screw-up).

Prayer request: Please ask that we might find favor in the appeal process and get a big, fat YES to our request that our old insurances be reinstated!

Expect spiritual journey posts to come as I get back on the prayer and devotion track.

Yeah, it's always one of the three recurring resolutions. Weight loss, writing, and spiritual progress.

This gluttonous, slothful gal is sleepy. Been up since 4 am, and got about 4 1/2 hours sleep. Yawn.

So, apologies for being scarce this week and for this rather boring post.

I'll try to be more scintililating as 2007 ambles on...

Oh-oh. Is that another resolution?



Valerie Comer said...

Mir, I can't find your email addy. Can you email me at valerierco AT yahoo DOT ca? Thanks.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Well, I didn't think the post was boring! need prayer...I'll pray!

Heather said...

Sheesh. Good luck with all those resolutions. I resolved not to make any.

Mirtika said...

I emailed ya, Valerie. :)

BONNIE, I SO NEED PRAYERS, YES. Thank you. Thank you. Muah.

Heather, I always mess up, but psychologically, I can't keep myself from making them. Am I a dork or what? :)