Monday, January 08, 2007

Angelica Magazine: Not Just Readers Ripped-Off

The following was left as a comment to my post 10/29/06 post "Angelica Magazine: My Subscription Saga" :

I also am trying to find Lynette Fuller. We printed a prototype of the 1st edition in June 06, 100 copies. Never received one dime and calls have not been returned.


What is additionally disgraceful is that the website is still up and the links to subscribe (and presumably pay) are still operative. I wasn't about to give my info and log in, but I got as far as step two, where there are blank spaces for personal info. My guess is that the next steps (payment and confirmation), also still work. This means (allegedly) that money can still flow into Angelica Magazine, while responses, actuall issues, refunds, and payments (to creditors) do not.


If you have information on Lynette Fuller and Angelica Magazine--the status, the reasons for non-responsiveness over the last many months, that is, if there is one other than just plain incompetence or scamming--then kindly post a comment here so that others who were ripped-off or left in the lurch can get an update.

And to Lynette Fuller: Theft is a sin. Broken promises: sin. If you're a believer, time to step up and be honorable. If you got into a financial hole, at least put SOMETHING up on your website. Stop taking subscriptions. Start answering your fricken emails.

Hey, I'm willing to concede that there is a VERY GOOD REASON why you do not answer emails and have left writers and subscribers and--looks like--printers in the dark and out of moolah. Please feel free to comment and give your side. I, for one, would love to know why you're jerking around the Christian fiction community.

Oh, and I'd appreciate a refund. This is only, like, the fourth time I've asked.

Shame on you!

Note: Hey, to the anonymous dude (or dudette) who printed the prototype, can I get one? I mean, if you're gonna trash 'em, anyway. I paid for a sub, so I figure I ought to get something out of it. I'll even supply postage. Drop me a comment.


L M Jarrell said...

I am among the other up and coming writers whose work was given the thumbs up only to watch the magazine go belly up.

I was told the magazine would be up in June/July of 2006. When I sent and email in September, October and November, I got no response and to date still have nothing.

My understanding of the publishing world is limited to having a short story in the now defunct Deep Magic and a couple of articles in Relevant so I don't much about the behavior of magazines or their editors as a general rule. I do know however that promises broken would be better off if they were never made. My understanding from Ms. Fuller is that she was going to try and get up enough capital ahead of time to have the magazine self sufficient. Apparently, the funding ran out and Ms. Fuller along with it.

My only comment to Ms. Fuller would be, "Let your yeah be yeah and your nay be nay."

And from the looks of it, I'm not alone.

James said...

(Note: I also posted this on the AbsoluteWrite "Angelica Magazine" forum)

Hi Mir (and anyone else with an interest in Angelica Magazine):

I would be at least one of the authors who got paid by Angelica Magazine, and I thought it was about time that someone stepped forward and cleared the air (at least a little bit). I've been hesitant to speak about this publicly because I was holding out hope that Angelica might still become a reality and that there would be a happy ending to this "saga". However, I think the disappearance of the Web site is fairly solid evidence that it's not going to happen.

I am a relatively unknown suspense author with two novels to my credit. My first novel, "Blind Sight" was published by Tyndale in 2003, and my latest, "The Angel", was released by Kregel in 2006. A few years ago, Lynette Fuller contacted me and told me that she had read my novel "Blind Sight". She also told me that she was the editor of a start-up Christian fiction magazine and asked if I'd be willing to submit a short story. I don't write much short fiction, but she was offering 20 cents a word, and I was trying to make a living as a full time freelancer at that time. On top of that, she said that she would include a full page spread for my new novel as part of my compensation. It sounded like a great deal, particularly when one is trying to get his work in front of new readers. So I agreed to write a story for her.

As far as I know, I'm the first author that Lynette contacted about her concept for a quarterly Christian fiction magazine. I recommended another author (a friend of mine) to her, and she asked him to write a story as well. I believe that he also was paid.

In Feb. of 2006, I actually got to meet Lynette and her husband at Jerry Jenkins' "Writing for the Soul" conference. At that meeting she explained that she was an avid reader of Christian suspense fiction, and that she really felt there was a need for a good Christian fiction magazine that would feature name authors as well as up-and-coming authors. It sounded like a great idea, and with names like Jerry Jenkins and Randy Alcorn supplying stories, it also seemed like it was something that would take off.

I'll post more tomorrow, but I wanted to address Mir's frustration at paying to read someone's writing and never getting her money's worth. I have no ties to Angelica other than that I actually got paid for my story. Nevertheless, I can understand the frustration of subscribers who never received anything. Thus, as one of the few authors who was paid by Angelica, I'd like to make this offer:

If any Angelica subscriber will email me, (, I will be happy to send you a .pdf file of "The Price of Empathy", the short story I wrote for Angelica.

Also, if you will send me a snail mail address, I will send you a complimentary copy of my novel "Blind Sight" (while supplies last). "Blind Sight has gone out of print, and I only have a limited number of copies left, but while I can, I'll send you one.

It's not much, but at least it will give you something for your money.

Monday, I'll give my opinion of what went wrong.
James H. Pence

"Blind Sight", Tyndale House, 2003
"The Angel", Kregel, 2006
"How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML", Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 2003

Web site:

Anonymous said...

I know Lynette Fuller very well. She, a Christian, spent endless hours and money in attempts to get this magazine established. She did not complete her obligation and one was her elder and ill mother as well as financial strain. As I speak for my best friend for 40 years, she did not set out to scam or rob anyone of something she had so much hope and aspiration for. I was in town and visited Lynette and she talked about and showed me what she was doing regarding the magazine and was very excited to get it published. I wasn't living in the same town at the time, so during our phone conversations, we mainly spoke of her family, friends, what was of importance. I'm sad she was not able to complete something that was dear to her heart. I know now, about her disappointment to those who believed in her and her failed attempt at publishing Angelica. Lynette sacrificed a lot. On Wednesday, 10AUG11, Lynette was hired to teach 6 autistic kids at the junior high school in her town. She was very excited. Lynette had a heart attack on Thursday, 11AUG11 and passed away. My very best friend is no longer on this earth. Just thought you should know.