Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ten Tips for Smarter Google Searches

I'm pretty darn good at Googling, and I never read this article. I just went by instinct, and I can outsearch even software programmer/engineer/ultimate-cutipie hubby, who went to RPI even and has been fiddling with the internet way longer than I have.


So, many times, someone has said on a listserv, can't find this with Google. And in five minutes--or fewer, usually--I find the stuff with Google. Or, as has occurred a few times, hubby has searched for twenty minutes, and I say, let me try, and, uh-huh, find it one search.


And heck. Google is easier than maneuvering through hard-copy references at the library.

But, THIS ARTICLE offers logical, concrete tips--not Mirified instinct--for anyone who's had a hard time finding what they need using the popular search engine. Lotsa stuff there I didin't know and should get to learning.

So, hope it helps ya.

Hat tip to Terry at The Writing Life

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