Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spec The Halls: A Holiday SF Contest

The prizes are very modest, but it might put you in a holiday (or some really weird otherday) mood to write and enter a fitting story.

Find the details here: SPEC THE HALLS

Here's a snippet from the guidelines:

Do not submit a retelling of the Christmas story without a speculative element!

Use of non-traditional or just plain bad grammar and spelling makes me very, very cranky.


Entries must be first posted between Thanksgiving (November 23rd) and Christmas (December 25th). They must stay online until Groundhog Day (February 2nd) or until the winners are announced (Groundhog Day is the outside deadline that I'm setting myself for the decision). However, it should be noted that submitting earlier (when there's less competition) will increase a submission's chances of being a "Featured Submission."

Prizes: One prize is given for each category. The prize is $25 for fiction, $15 for artwork, and $5 for poetry. Not to mention the joy and delight of spreading the spirit of Christmas...and twisting it to your own ends.

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