Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sometimes, It's Nice To Be A Liquidy Blob

Okay, some days a gal feels special. Today, the Mir does.


Well, cause Carmen said I was all wet. ; )

No, actually, she deems me one of her 'Mercy Drops.'

She has quoted another blogger who defines a "mercy drop" in this way:

As I blog-hop each day, there are certain ladies who consistently reflect to me a manifestation of just such light, life, joy, peace, and power. Yet how often they go unrecognized because I haven’t time to comment or e-mail. And how often some of them go unrecognized because they write about the “hard” things. Because they don’t seek “readership.” They just write what the Lord has laid on their hearts. Day after day. Week after week. These ladies are as “Mercy Drops” to me in what can often be a dark and stormy world - and blogosphere. They are regular sources of refreshment and revival for me.
--Healed Waters blog entry "Mercy Drops Round Us Are Falling"

Any regular reader of mine knows that had I gotten to point out the H2O first, Carmen would have been high on the list. She has a compassionate spirit and a first-class brain that posts skillfully on all manner of subjects, including quite passionately on social justice and charitable issues. That makes her at least one huge gob of mercy, not just a wee drop like me. So, Carmen heads my list. Visit her.

Now, I get to point out the drops around me. I won't hold to just ladies, as the originator did, cause men can be all wet, too. :) So many good folks. Hmmm. Since I should name at least three, like Carmencita did, I will say "thank you" to:
~Shannon, because she's not afraid to be vulnerable and open about her weak moments and trials, and that's a merciful thing.
~Elliot, because he's got that wonderful energy and curiosity of the young and thirsty and the seeking-to-be-just-and-good heart of a true son of God.
~And Becky, because she seeks unfailingly to write for God's glory and she lets me butt heads with her, amicably.

Who are your blogospheric "mercy drops"?


carmen said...

i wish i could say something witty and funny like you (you always make me laugh), but i'm drawing a blank, so thank you, mir :) blessings always, carmen.

Elliot said...

Well, shucks! Thanks!

Becky said...

Wow! Back at you, my friend. And this is a waaayy cool form of tagging. I'll try to keep it going!

Thanks, Mir.

(And I'm afraid I blew the butting heads image because I just finished talking you up at FIF. Hahah--anyone coming from there will probably think it was a tit-for-tat exchange!)