Saturday, December 09, 2006

Something to Do Before Church 12/10:
Rare Planetary Cluster in the Pre-Dawn

Get up extra early tomorrow. Find a good spot that faces Southeast. Be in place at least 50 minutes before Sunrise. Say...oh, six a.m.

See the Planetary Cluster event. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury. All within on celestial degree of one another. Meaning your extended thumb would cover the space containing them all.

The last time those three had their get-together was 1925. My dad was 22. My mom was 7. Won't happen again for a long spell: 2053.

So, bundle up. Head to the beach or another place with unobstructed views of the SE. Sit with a loved one and a thermos of coffee or a boxed breakfast. And enjoy. (Remember to thank God for lovely sky events!)

Hope you (and I) have clear skies and a blessed Sunday.

Edited to Add: I'll have to try again tomorrow (though they won't be as dramatically close as today. I went outside at 6:00 am, it was sweetly cool, the sky was that wonderful deep, but not midnight blue. And the fricken clouds were in my way! I caught glimpses of Mars and Jupiter between the fast-moving clouds, but not Mercury. Oh, well. Hope you had better fortune with the weather.

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