Friday, December 29, 2006

So, Who's Giving Away Five Gold Rings?

Well, looks like tonight marks the fifth night of the twelve-tide (12 Days of Christmas). According to Wikipedia:

These are the twelve days beginning on night of the 25th of December and ending on the morning of January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany. In the Middle Ages this period was one of continuous feasting and merrymaking, which climaxed on Twelfth Night, the traditional end of the Christmas season.

And it's not too late to do a sort of devotional based on the twelve days. Check it out HERE.

In my early childhood, I eagerly awaited the twelfth day of Christmas, ie. the morning of January 6th. It was a day for waking up to presents, a more traditional day for my family than December 25th. (In time, we just exchanged presents at midnight on the 24th, and earlier and earlier with each passing decade.)

Whatever goodie I found underneath my bed come the dawn of the Feast of the Epiphany was left there, I was told, by the Three Wise Men, Los Reyes Magos (The King-Mages). My favorite gift from the Kings (that I remember) was a Bugs Bunny guitar with a crank handle (early 60's).

Five gold rings. That's almost as nifty as a Bugs Bunny guitar. But it sure would be fun to see ten lords a-leaping, I think. That's not for another five days, though.

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