Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So, In Spirit I'm Living In Seattle?

The rankings of 2006's Most Literate Cities is out.

Miami, my hometown, ranked 23rd. That's up from 27.5 last year. (Did all those once and twice-a-week, and occasionally thrice-a-week, amazon.com deliveries to my house help us crawl upwards?

The criteria:
A total score was tallied for each city across six different literacy categories: Booksellers; Educational attainment; Internet Resources; Library Resources; Newspaper Circulation; and Periodical publications. All categories were compared against the city's total population.

So, where does your city rank (if it does at all)?

Check here to find out.

The top three were:

Seattle, WA
Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA

New York City, NY was...42. Heh. Down from 32.5 last year.

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carmen said...

alabama ain't even in the runnin'. heh. sigh.