Thursday, December 21, 2006

THE PROMISE: A Flawed Film
and Heroine, A Deeper Message

Carmen of In the Open has posted a review to a film that I've added to my Netflix queue, THE PROMISE.

Her review includes some gorgeous shots from the film, the sort of shots that make me a fan of heroic and mythic Asian cinema, those films with sumptuous scenery and clothing and over-the-top physical prowess.

So, while she's honest about where the film is "broken," I was particularly taken by this:

Ultimately, the story asks if our fate is sealed by past decisions and events. Are we doomed to live out a path we chose long ago (perhaps without realizing the consequences) or can things like being loved and learning to love change our destinies? This story seems to conclude that there are second chances, a “do-over”—and so does Scripture.

Jesus is all about love and second chances. Our salvation is not only from something but also to something—from “a godless, indulgent life” that leads to death to “a God-filled, God-honoring life” that is filled with goodness and love beyond our wildest dreams (Titus 2, Message). Jesus ushered in the ultimate “do-over.” Our fate—like the beautiful young princess—was sealed, but with Jesus that fate was swallowed up in resurrected life, a life that we can now share and in which we can live.

I love beautiful, magical stories that allow for hope and "second chances" for those who have chosen poorly. (Think of the redemption of Zhang Ziyi's character by the fierce goodness, noble persistence, and tragic death of Chow Yun Fat's hero in CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON.)

So, I'll leave this at the top of my Netflix queue with MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO and PRINCESS MONONOKE. Can't have too much magic, even if the good message comes through a flawed creation. (Sounds like me.)

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carmen said...

mir, i hope you like this one, too! it really does seem to go from "CTHD" to "Xena" and back again throughout the film. but i liked "xena", heh, so i didn't mind as much. blessings (and have a merry and joy-filled Christmas),