Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

The Birthright Project is a story full of heroes. As I mentioned in my last blog tour post, I'm giving away a copy of TRACKERS. If you'd like to be entered in the giveaway, just post a comment under this or any of my blog tour posts focusing on THE BIRTHRIGHT PROJECT (Mon-Wed this week) telling me you'd like to be part of the giveaway and revealing WHAT KIND OF HERO YOU ARE!

To find out, take the test.

I'm a "Builder"

Your enduring nature and hands-on skills fit you to serve in this role. Your life is very different from the Birthrighters who have left the Ark to serve in a fallen world. You remain behind and continue to build, fueled by your thirst for knowledge and your visionary talent. You have a systematic intellect that allows you to learn concepts and apply those concepts to real-world problems. While the Birthrighters outside the Ark live in medieval conditions, you live in a high-tech marvel. The Ark began generations earlier as a faithful remnant of people was called to the forests of the far north to begin building an ark. Your forefathers were given skills, science, tools, and materials that had been lost for an eon to the rest of the world. Eventually they were commanded to sink the Ark under the Arctic ice.

You may not fight strong-arms and monsters, but you are in peril every moment. Any wrong move—even a missed decimal point—could cause a catastrophe for your work and your fellow Builders. You are careful and conscientious, and you enjoy seeing the Ark continue to take shape even as the bitterly cold waters of the Arctic press down on you. Your world is small and contained but your satisfaction is deep and boundless.

Your greatest peril is the Ark’s—and your—existence. If the stronghold princes ever knew that the Ark existed, they would stop at nothing to commandeer it. With your incredible knowledge of science and technology, you would be the ultimate prize. You can only pray that the Birthrighters out in the world never betray you, and that the Ark is called to sail soon.

I cannot argue with the fact that I'd rather be in the Ark than way above it in the fiercely dangerous and damaged world aboveground! I'm a bookworm wuss.

For a bit of insight into Kathryn Mackel, author of these books, here's an excerpt from a Novel Journey interview from a bit over a year ago. Gina Holmes, the lovely and tireless one, asks and Kathy answers:

What are a few of your favorite books?

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
In this House of Brede by Rumer Godden
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy

What piece of writing have you done that you’re particularly proud of and why?

My newest release, Outriders: Book One of the Birthright Project. Grateful and hopeful are perhaps greater adjectives than proud. I’m grateful that WestBow Press offered me the opportunity to write a story that was dear to my heart. Hopeful that this type of fantasy will speak to many people, especially younger adults who have been raised on Harry Potter and thrilled to Lord of the Rings. And thrilled to be part of an epic adventure.

Why not drop by Kathy's official website, or the site for The Birthright Project?

Beth has a new interview with Mackel.
Becky is examining what makes a novel work as a preface to her review of TRACKERS to be posted tomorrow.
Shannon, who has been moved to tears reading TRACKERS, is giving away both BIRTHRIGHT books--autographed!
Stuart has posted the first chapter of TRACKERS over at Speculative Faith, where he's the "Tuesday Guy."

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OUTRIDERS and TRACKERS are available at amazon.com.

If you want to help bring awareness of Christian SF to the net, promote Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy authors and sites, and be a part of the unified voice crying for more and better CSF to be published, then consider becoming a member of the CSFF Blog Tour. Doesn't cost you anything but a bit of time and blog space. Visit our official site for the CSFF Blog Tour. Leave a comment.


Jackie Castle said...

I forgot about the test! I'll have to go back over there and take that and comment on it tomorrow.

I read the Outriders and would LOVE to read Trackers. You can go ahead and send it on over when you get ready. Hee hee. I want to win! I want to win!

Tina said...

You are next on my whirlwind tour of our tour members! Great post, you lead me to some wonderful interviews that I also linked to on my blog today.

Rebecca said...

Jeepers, I'm a Tracker. Don't know what that means, exactly. But I'm also a sucker - for an online quizzie-thing.

Mirtika said...

It means you're slim and agile and you work in isolation, away from other birthrighters, talking to birds or bees, locating specimens.

An outdoorsy loner in really good shape.


Rachelle said...

I've heard the Outriders was really good! Please enter me in the contest for Trackers. I'd really like to read that.

I took the test. It says "I'm a teacher!". How's that possible..i don't like school..hehehe