Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Dreaming of a Cranberry Red ESV Wide-Margin Giant Print Bible, Just Like The One I've Never Known. Where the Thumb Index Glistens...

Jon Mark Bertrand, one of my fave online smarties, posted this fantasy:

My idea? A made-to-measure Bible. Select your translation and layout, how you want it bound, how wide you want the margins to be, how many ribbons, and what back matter you'd like to include, and then the magic computer transmits your whims to the magic factory and your Bible arrives toot-sweet. The ability to do this might be a few years off, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming.

I'm quivering. I'm huffing and, maybe, heaving at the bosom.

Yes. I'd love this. I'd love spending hours selecting the details to get everything I want in ONE Bible.


It'd be so expensive, though. I mean, I've twice spent more than $100 on particularly lovely Bibles, but neither was perfect.

I'd spend more on THE PERFECT ONE that will satisfy me until my dying day.

So, got a fantasy Bible in mind?

I know one thing. The font would be like 14 or 16! (My eyes suck.) I'd need at least half a dozen ribbons of varying colors. And the cover would be that gorgeous, intense, cranberry red in really good leather. ESV or NASB translation (haven't settled finally). Huge margins on the side for notes. Maybe a single column. Not totally sure. Excellent paper, not too glossy, and thick enough that I could use a highlighter and pens without bleed-through. And with the particular references and concordances and study notes I'd want mingled in there with archeological stuff, I'm thinking I won't be able to lift it without help. (Hmmmm.)


Beth Goddard said...

This is exactly it!! I've been wondering how to get what I want. . . but alas, it's not available.

I want a giant print-or at least bigger than 9 or 10 point font, NASB/amplified parallel with red letters for the words of Christ:((((( :(((((((

nissa annakindt said...

I'd find it hard to settle on just one translation--- I'd want Doauy-Rheims and New American Bible, maybe with the King James in the middle column, tons of good notes and study helps, large print, a purple leather cover, and of course a forklift to move it with.

I already have a large print King James study Bible (Companion Bible) and it's so heavy it's like a patio stone. If I'm ever attacked, I'll smack the guy with that Bible and he'll be done for!

Mirtika said...

That's it. We have to add "desktop forklift included."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, a giant print ESV with verdana font... with the footnotess big enough to read, too!

Anonymous said...

Foodies have food-porn. Greenies have eco-porn. Christians have... Bible-porn?!