Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Neil Gaiman's "Nicholas Was..."

A very cool MP3 of Neil "I Just LOVE Him" Gaiman reading his super-short, Christmas horror-fantasy story, "Nicholas Was..."

Listen to it HERE.

Here is the text.

Nicholas Was…

Older than sin, and his beard could grow no whiter. He wanted to die.

The dwarfish natives of the Arctic caverns did not speak his language, but conversed in their own, twittering tongue, conducted incomprehensible rituals, when they were not actually working in the factories.

Once very year they forced him, sobbing & protesting, into Endless Night. During the journey he would stand near every child in the world, leave one of the dwarves’ invisible gifts by its bedside. The children slept, frozen into time.

He envied Prometheus and Loki, Sisyphus and Judas. His punishment was harsher.




Gaiman has invited the musically and digitally creative to, well, here's his invitation:

I was thinking about that the other day, and it occurred to me that if anyone feels like doing a seasonal remix or mashup of "Nicholas Was...", and sending me a link to it through the FAQ line, I'd happily and seasonally link to it here. In theory, at least, you would need to get it done by the 21st of December, as I have plans to be far from computers between the 23rd and the 30th of December.

hat tip to Dave Long of Faith in Fiction blog.


Josh said...

Read this the first time in Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors collection. Gave me the shivers. I especially also like his reenvisioning of the Snow White mythos. It was like he put a puzzle together, but from the wrong box top picture.

Anonymous said...


I am just doing a reseach on this story for my english class...and yeah, I will read the story later. It looks fantastic though. ^^