Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Story Among Finalists In TSR's Contest

Bill Snodgrass has made the announcement of finalists in THE SWORD REVIEW's 2nd Annual Fiction Contest, as follows, in no particular order:

"Winter Branches" by Jane Lebak
"Natural Selection" by mike simon
"The Small Escape" by Dakota Alden
"The Blue Flower" by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
"Tiama: A Story of Hope" by David R. Downing
"Waiting for Appa" by Mirta Ana Schultz
"The Sign of the Snake" by Rachel A. Marks
"When The Sacred Ginmill Closes" by George L. Duncan
"Hope Games" by Daniel Ausema
"The Beacon" by Rebecca LuElla Miller

I'm very happy to be listed with such fine folks, and I'm doubly pleased to see names familiar to me--especially glad to see fellow CSFF Blog Tour peops--and of folks I count as online pals. Thanks, Bill.

Congratulations to all the finalists!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mir,

Told you the piece stood a chance.

Shannon said...