Monday, December 04, 2006

More Beta Blogger Fritziness!

I'm sorry if you're having persistent issues with Word Verification.

I haven't been able to post replies to comments. I get no captcha viewable for verification. This has happened before, on Old Blogger, but just hitting enter or preview would bring up a new, viewable captcha. Now, even that doesn't fix it.

So, what I would have replied to the newer comments:

Snarky, I don't much care for SinaSLand, even though it was one of my first sci-fi novels as a teen. I'm glad DUNE got listed higher, though I would have placed it at two, minimum.

Elliot, to plotz is to explode with excitement. Boom. :) And thanks for helping arrange the Wolfe-y goodness to come.

If anyone knows how to fix the captcha issue, email me at this blog's name at aol dotsy com, would ya?


1 comment:

Jason said...

Hey Mir,
I'm not happy you're having Blogger Beta fits. But I am happy that you're blogging about them. I was thinking of switching to the beta, but I think I'll give it some more time!

It is appreciated!