Tuesday, December 12, 2006

THE LOST ROOM: Part Two Starts NOW!

I pity you if you missed out on part one. Poor, you.

This miniseries is totally kicking it! With "The Lost Room," Sci Fi Channel has made up for the horrors of Minotaur and Basilisk and those other stinkers they've foisted on us lately.

And I already entered all the contests for "The Lost Room."

If I know you, and I like you, and you want the codes to enter the drawings, email me. (If you know me, and I like you, you know my email.) I'll give you all fifteen codes and save you the time searching. One benefit of entering all the codes is that you find out what each object can do. Some of it is seriously odd stuff! Transmutes manganese??? How is that gonna play in the story? Hmmmmmm.

Oh, and which of the magic room items would you want most? (And what three people would you most like to whap on the head with the bus ticket? Heh.)

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Beth Goddard said...

Oh darn it! I have totally aovided the Lost Room because I thought it was more swill just like Minotaur Basilisk!!! And I don't really like Eureka either.


Mirtika said...

No, no. It's so much better. Minotaur was a waste of tv space and Basilisk was, well, my hubby kept walking by and asking "Why do you still have that horrible program on?" and I'd say, "Because the awfulness of it is like this black hole that's sucked me in, and I keep thinking it can't possible be tihs bad and I'm hallucinating and, soon, Tom Servo and Crow will show up and then it'll make sense."

It really was like MST3000 Solitaire. I kept making snide remarks to the screen.