Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Literary Agent & Her Stats...Interesting.

Agent Kristin Nelson posted a couple weeks ago on her stats for the year.

Here's a peek. Note especially the first two stats. Yowza:

(Estimated number of queries read and responded to in 2006)

(Number of full manuscripts requested and read)

(Number of new clients taken on this year)

(Number of books sold this year—not counting subsidiary rights stuff)

For her complete stats list, see "A Year in Statistics."


Josh said...

Had a chance to meet and chat with Agent Nelson during the 2006 Pike's Peak Conference. I don't know how she manages to stay so generous with her time when she deals with almost 21k queries (holy mackeral, Batman), but her advice is always spot on.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes,

She reads and comments on 57 queries a day! Assuming a 10 hr day w/ lunch and toilet breaks (and that she works 7 days a week and does nothing else) that's like one every 10 minutes. So I'm thinking form responses. Clickty-click does the trick...

And she reads every manuscript she requests? Doesn't bail on the 3rd chapter ever? Wow! I read maybe one in maybe every ten genre novels I pick up.

The commercial success of the 21 she sold'd be interesting. Don't must just wind up shredder fodder? Hope she's getting a very healthy percentage, or she'll starve.