Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have You Read or Submitted to FANTASY?

I've not gotten or read a copy yet, but this magazine looks interesting:


From the site:

Like your fantasy edgy and sophisticated? Fantasy Magazine is quickly becoming known as the literary home of the next generation of mythcrafters. Featuring a diverse spectrum of authors ranging from Holly Phillips and Theodora Goss to Stewart O'Nan and Peter S. Beagle, it's no wonder that calls Fantasy Magazine "quite wonderful and very exciting"—and Locus Online calls it "one of the most promising new fiction publications to launch in the field in years."

If you write fantasy, here is their want/not-want:

What we are looking for: Fantasy has from the very first issue featured authors of significant literary reputation, such as Jeffrey Ford and Holly Phillips. We're looking for stories that deal with the fantastic and that take both language and story values seriously. Fantasy is entertainment for the intelligent genre reader.

What we are not looking for: Fantasy is not looking for cookie-cutter fantasies. While any sort of fantasy content is allowed, the execution must be superb. We certainly do not want any "fan fiction" or story that depends on the use of media characters. Some sexual content is acceptable, but the title Fantasy does not refer to sex fantasies. We are not an appropriate market for erotica.

And more specifically:

Stories should be between 1000 and 6000 words long (short story to short novelette).

Payment is 2¢/word to pro.
Exclusive NAFSR for 90 days from publication.
Non-fiction: query first to
Response time: 30 days.
We DO NOT accept simultaneous OR multiple submissions.

If you've read FANTASY, comment and let me know what you thought. If you've subbed, let us know how they treated you.

And if you have a few minutes, read one of their stories from their debut issue online: "Bones Like Black Sugar" by Catherynne M. Valente

You can also read "Sparking Anger" by Margaret Ronald in issue #2, "Manuel and the Magic Fox" by Ekaterina Sedia in issue #3, and "During the Dance" by Len Bains in issue #4.

(I couldn't get the precise urls--the site seems to be "framed"--but if you look at the page with all issues listed, the stories above are all hyperlinked.)


Josh said...

I've submitted once, got a polite, succinct rejection through email. So, I promptly sent them another one which I had recently revised and polished. -crosses my fingers- In good news, Shimmer magazine did pick up another story, "Even Songbirds are Kept in Cages." It's a bumpy road of highs and lows. I guess we're addicts to the rush. One or two hits, and we're hooked.

Daniel Ausema said...

I've submitted a few things to them. All have received responses soon, some form rejections, other encouraging and personalized rejections. They published a story by a writer who has posted on the Sword Review forums, though I don't know if he's around often or recently--Wade Ogletree (I may be spelling that wrong).

It's definitely been a magazine I've been interested in, and the next time I decide to subscribe to something, this'll likely be it (once I catch up on the back issues of other things I have). But I haven't read any of their issues yet. The Tangent reviewer didn't care for their most recent issue, but others have received good reviews.

Wade Ogletree said...

Hey, folks, and thanks to Daniel for spelling my name right. I haven't been around Sword Review lately, but I've been making plans to head back with another story. It is the place to be for Christian Science Fiction.

I have the first four issues of "Fantasy" magazine. It's a cumpulsion. They published my story is issue #2, so I subscribed for the year. The stories were strong in the first three. (I have not really looked at issue four.)

I was a little upset when I received the first issue, though. The images and the ads were fairly risque. The magazine quickly grew up, however. Issue two was slightly risque but artistic and tasteful. Since then, the images have been safe...even to the point of generic boredom. However, it's not the art that brings us to the magazine.

Mirtika said...

Talk about a coincidence. I subscribed to FANTASY early Monday. I just noticed your post. Cool.

I'm sorry I missed the holiday window when a sub was $10. Ah, well.

Congrats on the acceptance!