Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gyapong on the Phil 4:8 "Nelson Standard"

Deborah Gyagong has concerns--some quite similar to my own--about the Thomas Nelson standard that I've posted about here and here and here, notably the Philippians 4:8 thing. Read her entry "Writing About What Is Pure" at Master's Artist.

Michael Hyatt, President & CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, responds in the comment section. (And he has been responding all along, and graciously, to his credit.)

I gotta say, though, that I do take some offense at the "dogs in the hunt" comment in response to Michele Pendergrass's comment regarding the closure of his blog entry on this topic to comments. (Although I have no problem with his closing that comment thread. Total blog-owner prerogative.)

After all, some of us who posted on his blog who are not authors (ie hunting dog endowed) are writers hoping to be authors. And, hey, some of us (trans: me) might have shortlisted Westbow (soon to be non-existent) as a publisher to which we wanted to submit. (Westbow has put out some stuff I've enjoyed and they seemed to give more latitude than other CBA publishers.) The fact that some of us commenting (more than once) are not yet published doesn't mean that this is not a subject of legitimate concern to us, the currently dogless ones. Or maybe our dogs are just at obedience school until we get our hunt passes.

I just got lost in my own metaphor. Sorry.

Somebody, get me a pooch for Christmas!

So, go read Deborah's blog post. And comment. Even if you haven't got a hunting dog.

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