Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For Those Dropping By On Becky's Say-So

If you heard you should drop by here for info on Kathryn Mackel and her new book, well, that's coming up in the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour which begins December 11th. Do come back.

But, let me give you a few links and some info to hold you over the week:

Yes, we will be featuring K.M. and the second book of her Birthright Project (originally conceived, I believe, as a science-fantasy trilogy).

I reviewed the first novel in the series back in March. Read my review: A Second Ark Makes for a First-Rate Read. I gave the following intro to the story:

"Once upon a far, far future time, God led a group of true believers to build and dwell within the safety of a new ark, one that did not float on the waters, but hid underground, protected from the blight and toxicity of a post-apocalyptic Earth. At the right time, a vision from the Lord instructed the dwellers of the new Ark, the Birthrighters, to send out emissaries--young and smart, healthy and brave and well-trained godly ones--out above to the world that was left after the Endless Wars damaged the surface.

Four were initially sent, the first-evers among the Outriders. Then more were sent in small groups to staff enclaves of Outriders upon the continent. Their mission was to seek flora and fauna to send back to the Ark for study and protection. The Outriders also spread truth and goodness through the harsh and brutal world populated by "naturals" and mutated and transmogrified plants, animals, and, yes, humans.

But things do go wrong for the Outriders, because evil never rests, and lessons of the past are often forgotten...."

The official site for the Birthright Project is here.

Elliot recently reviewed OUTRIDERS, and you can read his opinion here. The site has a sample chapter link, for those who want a taste before buying. You need to be able to read pdf files.

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