Saturday, December 30, 2006

Doug Groothius on the New Atheism

Read the entry at The Constructive Curmudgeon, where Doug issues preliminary blasts from his trumpet. Here is his fourth blast:

4. Harris in particular conflates all religious claims: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. They are all of a piece in being irrational, false, and dangerous. He thus commits the fallacy of hasty generalization. Believing that one will receive the ministrations of exactly seventy two virgins after dying in a jihad is an order of belief far different than believing that since Jesus Christ rose from the dead in space-time history, one who believes in him will enter paradise after death as a martyr (which precludes anything resembling jihad). Christianity is well supported apologetically; Islam, which denies the central tenets of Christian, is not. For example, it denies that Jesus was crucified--a fact affirmed by virtually every biblical scholar in the world today. The fact that both are "religions" says nothing about their relative epistemic status.

Hat tip to Apologia Christi

Note: I have a few more links in response to the agressive, anti-religious fervor of the "new atheism", but I gotta organize em. Sometimes in 2007...

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