Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Cthulhu Kind of Coincidence

I had posted over at the Faith in Fiction forum about how I was not big on Lovecraft and had no idea how to pronounce Cthulhu, though since the age of 12 or so, I've pronounced it as I did back then: Kuh-THOOL-who.

Be it right or wrong, I dunno.

My post had been in response to a call for entries by JM Bertrand for story submissions that fit the concept of "Jesus vs. Cthulhu."

I'll read it. I won't write it.

So, today, I came across this little ditty by Nelson Bond in an article over at Helix SF that fits right in with that reply of mine (re pronunciation):

I never subscribed to the Cthulhu cult.
I certainly don't denounce it,
But the reason I never joined it is
Because I cannot pronounce it

Seems N.B. thought of Cthulhu as two syllables rather than my three, huh? (The meter is the giveaway.)

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Josh said...

Oh, but Mir, how can you resist something so cuddly and soul-devouring as this?