Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crapometer Opens 12/15 for the Tough-skinned

In just a few hours, you will be able to submit your novel hook via email to Miss Snark. If she likes it, you'll have a chance to submit pages to her, a legit agent.

Go here for info: The Happy Hooker Crapometer Blog.

In the Snarky Mistress' own words:

You'll send an email with your hook of 250 words.

You must also include "Ok to post this on the blog" AT THE TOP of the email. It doesn't count in the 250 words.

I'm not spell checking so you might want to double czech ur spelz be4 u cast them into the wind.

ALL hooks get posted unless you've screwed up in some completely idiotic way. If there's a chance to fix it I MIGHT email you with that option. This is NOT a given. Get it right the first time.

I'll comment very very briefly on each hook. Be fully prepared for "this sux"; "wtf" and "try to write in English" and other very very snarky comments. If you have thin skin, a tender heart, and/or are easily persuaded to put your manuscript in a gas oven, think twice before sending.

Some hooks will succeed. From those I will ask for pages. You'll have a VERY brief window to send pages. Think 48 hours or less (not fewer!).

This crapometer is for first pages. The hook part is just to winnow down the entries in as fair a a way as possible. There is no set number of people I will ask for pages.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that it starts at 8PM tonight and she says don't send late, but no cutoff time is mentioned? Then, woooo hoooo, some burned out "gatekeeper" may actually trash my work for me. Sorry, pissy mood this aft. May submit just to complete the day. Thanks Mir.

Mirtika said...

I thought I had seen the cut-off...hmmm...maybe it's just one day?

Anonymous said...

So'd you send anything Mir? Funny, after I sent mine, I read it through her eyes and thought, crap.

Mirtika said...

Naw. Did not. I was mildly tempted, but really, it passed. :)

I do know one of the DKA editors had planned to send something.