Sunday, December 10, 2006

Changes to Sidebar: Help Me Out!

I tend to avoid messing with the template for this blog, especially after coming to Beta Blogger.

But, I had to do some upkeep, and I was fiddling away on redoing my speculative and Christian poetry blog--shameless plug: visit ONCE UPON A (Uni)VERSE--so I took the plunge.

I've changed the novel progress meter (Nano helped there).

I've added some links (Josh Vogt, Daniel Ausema, John C. Wright) and fixed a dead link for Mikey (DeCompose), finally.

I am sure there are folks who drop by regularly who, to my shame, I have forgotten to add. If you are one of my regular commenters, and I visit you (ie, you've seen me hanging at your blog), and you are NOT on my sidebar, drop me a comment. I'm compiling a list for sidebar updating for NEXT TIME I take the template-alteration plunge.

Note: It's best if you are a blog related to the sidebar categories, ie, Christian SF, SF, writing-related, or intellectual-theological. I can't link to everyone!

I don't do strictly tit-for-tat. (Although, if you like my blog, please LINK ME!). I prefer to link to folks visit with some regularity (whether frequently or infrequently, chatty or lurky). If you've seen me at your blog more than twice, you'll know I'm probably there more often.

And if I forgot you, so sorry. Really. I am. Just nudge me.

Fine Print: I also don't like to link to blogs that are NOT "kept up" and so will NOT will give my visitors much linky delight. So, if yours only gets a post every few weeks, And if you just post about your hangnails, cats, and favorite coffee: Can't hook ya up, babe. Disculpe.


Chris said...

Should I be Mir-worthy, consider linking to: So Much Stuff I Can't Recall (or by my name is good, too).


Mirtika said...

Done, Chris-babe. I put ya under Chris Well, cause you guys have that whole rhyme-y thing going on.