Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Black Hole Relationships" by R.L. Copple

Another of the honorable mention poems from the DKA Poetry Contest is up at Dragons, Knights & Angels.

This poem was nevertheless memorable to me because of one particular word which I couldn't immediately decide whether it was perfect for the subject and possibly brilliant, or ridiculous and out of place.

I ultimately landed in the position that it was fun and offered a precise image... and was assuredly different.

The phrase with the controversial word: inevitability of spaghettification

Read all of "Black Hole Relationships."


Heather said...

I probably would not have followed the link to the poem had you not mentioned the spaghettification affair.

Mirtika said...

; )

Or do you just really like pasta?


Josh said...

I agree. That word kind of makes the poem. Though even when silently reading it, you have to do that vocal tumble to get it to match up with the rest of the rhythm. Interesting work.


Anonymous said...

"In astrophysics, the process of spaghettification is the stretching of objects."

It's a well documented term, hardly controversial (except poetically maybe) and not one coined by the author.

Mirtika said...

Well, except that I didn't know it was an astrophysical term. :)


Anonymous said...

And god said, "Let there be google," and it was good.

Selena said...


God said that? Well, I guess when you're the creator of everything, you're the creator of everything.

Ah, Google. Gotta love the Google. ;)

Mirtika said...

Except that to google something, you have to have an inkling there's a reason to google it. :)