Thursday, December 28, 2006

Best SF & Fantasy Fiction of 2006
According to the Library Journal

SF & Fantasy

Butcher, Jim. Proven Guilty: A Novel of the Dresden Files. ROC: NAL. ISBN 0-451-46085-5 [ISBN 978-0-451-46085-1]. $23.95.

Newly appointed to the White Council of Wizards, private investigator Harry Dresden battles dark magic, warring Faerie courts, and a Fallen angel to keep the teenage daughter of an old friend from losing her soul—and her head. The latest installment of an outstanding dark urban fantasy with hard-boiled charm. (LJ 4/15/06)

Carey, Jacqueline. Kushiel's Scion. Warner. ISBN 0-446-50002-X [ISBN 978-0-446-50002-9]. $26.95.

The author of the “Kushiel's Legacy” trilogy launches a new series set in the same lavish quasi-Renaissance world as a younger generation of noble scions struggle to make their mark. A stellar example of sensually exotic dynastic fantasy. (LJ 6/15/06)

de Lint, Charles. Widdershins. Tor. ISBN 0-7653-1285-9 [ISBN 978-0-7653-1285-3]. $27.95.

The latest in de Lint's urban fantasy series set in fictitious Newford, Canada, revolves around Jillie Coppercorn, brilliant painter and friend to the faerie folk who dwell unseen at the edges of the visible world. Themes of love, loss, and the importance of myth inform this exceptional story. (LJ 5/15/06)

Heinlein, Robert A. & Spider Robinson. Variable Star. Tor. ISBN 0-7653-1312-X [ISBN 978-0-7653-1312-6]. $24.95.

In a tale begun by the late Grand Master in 1955, musician Joel Johnston encounters love and loss on a journey to the stars. The Heinlein estate authorized award-winning sf veteran Robinson's completion of the novel. A fortuitous melding of authors. (LJ 8/06)

McDevitt, Jack. Odyssey. Ace. ISBN 0-441-01433-X [ISBN 978-0-441-01433-0]. $24.95.

A journalist opposed to the prestigious Space Academy's deep space program discovers a catastrophic secret when he joins a mission to explore the strange lights known as moonriders, glimpsed in nearby planetary systems. A hard sf gem set in the far future of space exploration. (LJ 10/15/06)

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