Thursday, December 21, 2006

Aishwarya Rai to Marry A...TREE?

Stunningly beautiful Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai (who has been the subject of photo adoration and commentary over at John C. Wright's blog) is an item with the fetching actor Abishek Bachchan (son of the tall, elegant, deep-voiced, revered Indian actor, Amitabh Bachchan).

However, there are some impediments to the marriage, it seems, requiring Aishwarya to undergo marriage first to a, yes, tree:

Poor Ash, after staying awake an entire night for a series of poojas, which generated lots of good vibes, smoke and ash, it is rumoured that she may have to marry a peepal tree in Varanasi, to overcome her Manglik status (Chevvai dosham in South India) before she can marry Abhishek.

To ward off the evil, to cancel the bad effects of Mars (aka Mangal aka Chevvai) which is forecast to the non-maglik when a manglik marries him / her, the manglik is made to marry a tree. In Kerala, the unfortunate tree is a banana tree, which is chopped off after the marriage. This marriage to the tree is complete in all ceremonies.

The other rumour about this “made for each other” couple are that their marriage is planned in 2007. The Bachchan family astrologer says both families have consulted him and he has set a February 2007 date. He says number 9 is lucky for the couple and 2007 also adds up to 9

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