Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Transport": 3rd Place, DKA Poetry Contest

The poem is now up at DKA and you can head over and read it.

In the forum, I commented on why I ranked this poem third, over so many strong contenders, a poem about which some will say, "But wait, it has cliches."

Look again. It's familiar, romantic terms made new by context. And done so cleverly. It's romantic and sweet. And it won over the judges.


Anonymous said...

Wondered about a decimal (base 10) computer and about the "view" at the speed of light. Cliche? Yeah, I guess. But linguistically pretty light too. Call me sour grapes, but I was underwelmed... actually pretty stunned.

Heather said...

Okay, so when you know nothing of the sci-fi/fantasy world, you pretty much feel like an idiot reading this poem.

Mirtika said...

Chris, hon, email me at Mirathon atsy AOL dotsy COM.

I lost your email, and I really need to have it in my address book if I ever want to send you and electronic thump on the head. :D

BTW, the reasons for NaNo are numerious--for me, it was to try and stop editing myself to death and just vomit out whatever bits of story came to me, and then worry about what parts to keep or revise LATER. Other folks do it for other reasons, but that's mine. Clearly, my editor refuses to die.


Mirtika said...

Heather, nah. The heart of it is there for all to understand.

The second and first placers are VERY DIFFERENT than "Transport." Transport is the sweet, gentle, uncomplicated charmer (shut up, Chris). Second place--that poem just thrilled me in so many places it was not funny. And first place had a spiritual and strongly allusive combination that nailed theme, and required several readings. In fact, while "Transport" gives itself to one freely and uncomplicatedly...the first and second placers require some reading into it, and both have an air of mystery.