Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To CSF Writers: Current Needs at DKA

Selena Thomason, managing editor of Dragons, Knights & Angels has posted an update on editorial needs at the DKA FORUM:

...we are currently overstocked on poetry. We have poems scheduled through May.

That doesn't mean you can't submit poems. It just means that right now we have the luxury of being extra picky, and that any poems accepted now would not be published until June at the earliest.

We are currently scheduling fiction for February.

Remember, we are open to short stories of either science fiction or fantasy. Please be aware that the magazine's title is evocative of genre and is not the binding guideline for story parameters (ie. we don't particularly seek stories with those three elements.)

Read the DKA Vision Statement to see if your story fits our needs. Please do not submit anything longer than 7K words.

(Mini-Rant: I prefer stories much shorter stories. I've noticed that the longer ones always need revision for padded writing--redundancy, awkward and rambling sentences, useless scenes, etc.) The length should be used for pertinent content. A story should be longer because it is more complex and needs space, and not because one has sloppy prose and can't get a grip on one's clauses. Rant off.)

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