Thursday, November 30, 2006

Superman Returns: Plusses & Minuses

I finally got SUPERMAN RETURNS from NetFlix. Hubby and I watched it last night, right before I zonked out on the couch. (Energy levels have been pretty pathetic.)

Some +'s and -'s :


~ Just me? Or was Lois really annoying, as in wanted to slap her annoying, during most of the first parts of the film?

~ The dog-eat-dog metaphor played out early on, while clever, grossed the Mir out.

~ Why, if he was affected by the kryptonite the first time, he bled and got bruised and nearly drowned, but recovered snap, just like that, in the seaplane? Why, if he was affected by kryptonite the second time, was he able to burn up and fall and not even get his hair mussed? Why did he not recover in a snap this time? I'm so confused.

~ Oh. Since when is Lois a lying, deceiving, ho-momma? (Don't get in my face. If a woman deceives one man into thinking a kid is his when it's another man's, she's a fricken ho.) This is what happens when one doesn't keep up with superhero gossip, I guess.

~ If Lois gets smacked around in that plane getting a series of concussion-worthy whacks on the head and full body slams against the cabin walls and floors and ceiling, and still manages to walk and see straight, why does a bang on the head render her unconscious for quite a spell?

~ Is someone really gonna get pro-camera, publishable ready results with a camera phone from a distance in the half-light of city streets at night? Come on!

~ I guess "and the American Way" is just too un-pc and so had to be severed from "truth and justice". (Women deceiving men and playing with their emotions and progeny, though, is now cool.)

~ Cops portrayed as idiots--once again, how cliche--who haven't the sense to run or duck or jump away from massive machine gun that's slowly aimed at them. Not cool.

~ With all the really serious injustice and untruthfulness going on in the world (other than a lying ho with the initials LL), why is Superman rescuing some woman in a runaway car and foiling a bank robbery? Why not break a white slave ring or rescue some children abducted by pervs and toss some third world dictator to Venus? (Okay, I know, I know, it's comic book world.)


~ Just me? Or was Superman really a cutiepie? (I never found any of the other non-Smallville Supermen all that appealing, and yeah, that includes Dean Cain.)

~ The rescue of the plane/shuttle combo? Righteous!

~ So, that's where Cyclops went after disappearing in X--Men: The Last Stand. Except for the hair, still cute and still playing second fiddle to a different superhero.

~ The flying effects: better than ever!

~ Gorgeous, romantic flying-with-Lois scene. Ahhhhh. (Even if she be a ho.)

~ Some rather nice musical moments.

~ Kevin Spacey.

~ I want the library in that yacht. I want it now.

~ I don't care if it's "red state-y". I liked the Christological allusions.

~ I admit it: I liked hearing Langella say, "Great Caesar's ghost!"

~ Bullet off the eye. Ubercool.


Heather said...

You have to admit: there will never be another christopher reeves.

Anonymous said...

People who suffer from a condition of being unable to feel pain tend to bang into things and sit on stove burners and whatnot. Which makes me wonder why superman's not more of a klutz. You'd also think that the force of his in voluntary muscles would cause problems, like if he sneezed... or say he really had to pee, wouldn't he tend to cut the toilet to pieces? I mean, don't they use high-pressure water to cut steel?

Mirtika said...

I didn't like Chris R as Superman. I remember seeing the first C.R/Superman in the theater and just not liking the casting, period.

In this flick, I needed a different Lois Lane. I found Bosworth so annoying for maybe 3/4ths of the film. Only toward the end did she seem more likable.


Elliot said...

I pretty much agree with your review Mir. I wasn't impressed with this Superman movie.