Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rickshaw Run:
Daughter & Dad & 2000 Miles

2 weeks, 3 wheels, 2000 miles and more adventure than you could shake curry at!

What better way to enjoy the Christmas holidays than two weeks of mountains, mud tracks, tropical heat, gin & tonics, cricket and that most noble of vehicular genius, the three wheeled motorised rickshaw.
--from the official site of the Rickshaw Run

My pal in Seattle, Dave Taylor, mentioned this adventure he was about to set off on about a month or so ago. I promptly forgot.

I just got an email that he's ready to fly off Monday, first Italy, ahhhhhhh, with wife; then India, with daughter. Since they're raising funds for a good cause (ie, help a poor Indian family), I'm sharing their soon-to-come adventure in the hope that 1. you'll follow their progress and pray for their safety, 2. enjoy the humor as they blog about it (or I think they'll be blogging about it), and 3. support their cause.

Writing-related sidenote:
Dave's brother is Jim Taylor, whose name you may have heard during assorted Oscar broadcasts as he's been involved in writing screenplays in La-La-Land for many well-known films: Election, About Schmidt, Sideways (for which he earned an Oscar with writing partner Alexander Payne).

Dave is one of the good guys. He's helped folks around the globe out of a brimming love of God and for people. I met him a bit before he was off to a medical missionary trip to Kenya (ie, the environs you saw when you watched parts of OUT OF AFRICA). This trip, they aim to raise funds to purchase, outright, a working auto-rickshaw that a poor family can use to provide a decent income. See right for a pic of what the vehicle looks like. (Hey, I saw those in AMAZING RACE!)

Dave's also a hoot. Really funny. I remember our gatherings with mutual pals in private chat rooms on AOL in the 90's, when he kept me in stitches. And, happily, he found my sense of humor equally chucklesome.

Visit their dad-daughter blog--he's flathead, she's fastener--To Be Sorted.

If you want to support the purchase of the auto-rickshaw for an Indian family, go here to DONATE. All trip expenses are paid by Dave and family, so every bit of the donation goes to purchase the auto-rickshaw that some family will receive gratis.

Dave, get lots of smooches from the dear missus during the Italy phase, and God protect you and Susan during the Indian phase. May you make many fine new pals and never have a single day's woe.

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