Thursday, November 02, 2006

One Year Later: Just Some Stats on DKA
And Why CSF Writers Should Take Note

These are our visitor stats for comparison. The first total is for the number of visits in the month. The second shows the total number of page views for the month:

2005 October----------------2,901 ------------28,874
2006 October --------------29,529 -----------312,418

We've increased traffic over ten-fold in one year's time.

If you're a CSF writer, you may want to have a presence in our forum. That's a lot of people who may get a chance to hear about your book when it comes out.

Think about it.

Perhaps in the future we'll offer a column for book reviews and publish interviews with authors of new releases of Christian science fiction and fantasy. At least, I hope so.

Right now, we need to update our links. I want to see Speculative Faith, Where the Map Ends, Lost Genre Guild, and other pertinent CSF sites added to it. If you know of a site dedicated specifically to discussions, promotions, reviews, etc of Christian SF, drop a comment. I'll consider it and, if I think it suits our readership, I'll recommend we link to it.

As I said: If you plan to publish in the CSF arena, you may want to register and participate and cultivate a presence on this site that gets nearly 30,000 visits and 312, 418 page views a month, and that may very well gain more as the quality improves and the word gets out that this is HERE for Christian SF readers.

I'll be posting the name of the winner of the Crit Contest on Saturday. If you're one of the entrants--I have seven names so far--know that I'm allowing time in case other tourmates plan to send me some more entries.

If you still want to enter, this is your last chance. Post a comment under this blog entry saying that you want your name entered into the drawing for a free crit by The Mir of five pages of prose (short story or novel opening) or a short poem (no more than a page).

Entries, so far:

Valerie Comer
Jason Joyner
Rachel Marks
Tina Kulesa
Stephen Burnett aka Doc

And that concludes the DKA promotional push week's activities. (Maybe)

On to my other usual concerns and, no doubt, a host of NaNoWriMo related posts.


Anonymous said...

Those numbers are incredible!

Pixy said...

I'm so proud of you guys over there. And at TSR too. DEP is doing a great deal for CSF and it's only a matter of time before the big pubs notice. Writers need to take advantage of the huge audiance that's building there.

Mirtika said...

I hope that the Christian fiction writers who are unpubbed or recently pubbed and need to build a readership don't neglect the possibilities at TSR, DKA, especially, and also RGR. And eventually, Haruah will be a lovely venue for women's fiction and literary writers to get recognized.

I think every fledgling or just-turned-pro writer should consider short fiction venues to get their name out there in forums where thousands drop by. That way, when people go, "I love that story. I always love your stories," you have a pre-established base to promote your longer works when they come out. Fans are fans, baby.


Becky said...

Mir, thanks for this info. It really is a remarkable increase, but it fits with what I believe--readers have to get a chance to read CSFF. It's not that we don't have fans but that they don't know there are stories available.

I'm curious if you could tell from DKA numbers to what extent the blog tour affected readership.

When we feature a book, we can always look at Technorati numbers, but with web sites we don't have that feedback.