Monday, November 06, 2006

Okay, Back To The Keyboard!

Sunday was my day of rest. No writing.

I did start and finish a lovely YA novel that came up in discussion with some of my fellow NaNo-ers: THE GOOSE GIRL by Shannon Hale.

I'd like to write up a review for that when I am more inclined to sit and do so.

Right now, breakfast time. COFFEE!

I do have an SF appropriate quote from page 165 of the novel that I'll pass along:

"If we don't tell strange stories, when something strange happens we won't believe it."


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Bleck! I'm writing scenes but can't get any coheseviness to it yet...NaNo is hard for me this year, 'cause I'm so busy!

Mirtika said...

NaNo is hard, period. I'm so behind.

Keep writing scenes. Brilliant ideas will come.

Valerie Comer said...

Interesting quote, Mir. And here Krin is finding out that when you tell stories all the time, people don't believe you when you come up with the Big One...which happens to be true.