Wednesday, November 01, 2006

National Novel Writing Month Begins:
A Theme Song for My NaNo-ing Pals

(sung to the tune of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz")

Weeeeeeee're off to do the NaNo, the Wonderful NaNo of Ours!
We'll find it is a heck of a task, if ever a task was tough.
If ever,oh ever, a task was tough, the NaNo of ours is tough, is rough,
Because, because, because, because, we're off
To write fifty-thousand whole words of stuff...
We're off do the NaNo, the Wonderful NaNo of Ours!

May God keep inspiration close and carpal tunnel syndrome far away.

Dare Ya: Write your own signature NaNo theme ditty to the tune of something most folks would know. Post it. Let's all sing through the pain...


Valerie Comer said...

Too busy writing novel words to write nano ditties? But yours is cute. Really!

(subliminal--chocolate snaps--you can't really read this....)

Maybe not accessing the Nano forum will keep me focused on the squid story instead of comparing my progress to others. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Day One of NaNo and I found my satellite TV didn't work. Getting zero channels ought to help me on my writing, no? Well, actually, I wasted writing time fixing the TV--- and then I sat down and read a whole Harry Turtledove novel....
so I'm behind on my daily word count goal. But then again last year the first day of the month I made my word goal and then that was the only day that I did....

Mirtika said...

Nissa, just keep going. What name are you registered under at Nano?

Not that I've been able to get in there except for three in the morning!!!!