Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NaNoWriMo Set-back and a Rainy Voting Day

Well, I only got a measly word count yesterday. Hubby and I got to watching telly, and we pretty much turned in sofa turnips. Current count: 5718. Way behind. But, not feeling terribly awful yet.

Today, a muggy, rainy day, I ate breakfast, washed my hair (and didn't blow it, just let it curl, cause my hair goes nuts in wet weather, so why bother). Mir, the Crazy-Haired Woman, went to vote. Easy, no line, nice poll workers. So, to North Miami Beach's precinct 123 poll peops: You were delightful. Thank you.

Went to do groceries, as I hadn't done so in three weeks and my last few apples were mushy. Spent oodles on bags and bags of fresh produce, and then oodles more at the Italian market for cold cuts, chianti (for Thanksgiving sangria, cause I make wicked good sangria), juicy fresh meatballs, an assortment of imported cheeses, and cheesecake for hubby, who was craving some.

I'm home, sweaty, wild-haired, and ready for lunch/supper/whatever the heck this next meal is.

Sorry blogging has been light. Between reading and NaNo-ing and having a bit of asthma exacerbation (you can call me Wheezy), I just haven't been in a blogging state of mind.

I do miss you who regularly drop by and say hey. Funny that.

Total Off-Topic Intrusion: So, did you go and read THE GOOSE GIRL? Ya should, if you liked fairy tales as a kid. Oh, and especially if you're female.

Back to entry title topic: So, yeah. Voted. Hope y'all did.

No matter where you are or how you voted, remember to pray today (if prayer is one of your things) for all our leaders, national and state and local, that they may be good, wise, brilliant, selfless. And that they keep their damn weiners in their own damn pants (or their spouses, whichever). God, please, mightily bless this nation and help us not be materialistic, self-absorbed, immature, hedonistic dorks. Amen.

Happy Election Day, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Quote for the day: "Those who aspire to be political leaders, shouldn't be. Those who would make good leaders, know better than to want the job." Source unknown.

Yeah, after two people knocked on my door urging me to vote, and one car blasted my house with a megaphone, "VOTE TODAY VOTE TODAY!" and my mother rang me up to ask if I had voted yet and then demanded to know why I hadn't (um, hello, three kids five and under and no car), I finally dragged down the street, with the oldest while mother-dear babysat, to do my civic duty. Smelly elementary school gymnasium, poll workers giving me the evil eye because they're pretty sure I won't vote the way they want me to, five-year-old trying to figure out how the little light works in the booth and about knocking it over. Yeah, I voted. The toddler is wearing the "I Voted" sticker now, on his jammies, in bed.

Mirtika said...

I forgot to put on my sticker. The sommelier at the gourmet market had his, as he suggested a chianti for my holiday sangria (since the one that got raves last time was all out.)


Anonymous said...

If voting worked, Dubya'd be fishing and playing golf all day every day instead of just most days. I mean like geez, which super-rich white married "Christian" man w/ good hair to vote for... what to do... how to choose...

That's funny rebecca.


Mirtika said...

I'm married to a white man with good hair. Hmmm...I wish we had the super-rich part, too. Then I could back more Chritsian candidates. :D


Anonymous said...

The super-rich part is kind of important Mir, the other parts you can buy.

Mirtika said...

That's true. But it's the parts I can't buy that really make him special. :D


Elliot said...

Amen to your prayer!