Friday, November 10, 2006

My Painting by Carmen Keys, Fantasy Artist

I just this week purchased a piece of art on eBay from fantasy artist Carmen Keys. It's called "Dream of Lilies" and it makes me feel peaceful and cool.

I hope to use it as a color scheme inspiration in redoing my office. I want cool, relaxing, inspiring colors. That's an image of the painting at left, all swirly and pretty. To see it bigger and better, go here.

I actually love a lot of the pieces by this artist. Go browse her website if you like this style. She has several pages of online galleries, and lots of her artwork is available in print form. If you buy something (as a holiday gift for a friend who loves elves and fairies and fairy tales and wonder), let her know "Mirty" from eBay sent ya.

Look at this one. Doesn't it belong in a storybook? What warm colors, what questions arise, begging for the tale. And doesn't this proud faery seem as if she's part of the tale of the red-headed girl and her owlet buddy?

And here's one where a thin, long red bit of ribboning is a perfect, a magnificent, accent to the cooler colors of the work. And dig that hair!

One of my very favorite ones is fairy tale related and titled "Poisoned Apple." (The link takes you to a much nicer image.)

Given the topic of my Speculative Faith entries in the last few weeks, it surely seems appropriate as a visual complement. But then, I'm wild about fantasy art, and I also dig science fiction art, though it seems harder to find, other than the digital type. Surrealistic art, too, make me happy (ergo my blog header).

You've already read how I commissioned art by Sara Butcher (my hubby's Christmas gift to me). She sells her lovely stuff out of Dreamflier Studios. Visit her as well.

Coincidentally, Sara and Carmen are buddies and part of a fantasy art community online: The Fellowship of Aslan. Rachel Marks, one of our CSFF Blog tourmates, the same who got an honorable mention in the DKA fiction contest earlier this year, hangs out there as well. Small world. I think that's delightful. Christian gals doing the speculative thing with color and shapes, the way I do (and maybe you) with words and rhythms. Imagery of different sorts, but still fantastical. Tres cool.

I wonder what colors my stories would be, if they were translated to imagery?

So, in your holiday buying, don't forget you can support speculative artists with relatively inexpensive (but greatly gorgeous) purchases of holiday cards (Sara makes some) and prints (that you can frame and wrap up nicely).

And for you creative story types, buy small prints or ACEO's and use them a part of hand-made storybooks. You make new stories to go with the fantasy artwork. Isn't that the perfect gift for a young reader among your loved ones? A part of you, a part of another artist, a whole new joyful experience of the speculative and wonderful.

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